February 26, 2018 Critical Issue Discovered

February 26 - 11:00am CST

This is a critical issue that is currently in the process of resolution. When uploading files using both our T-Uploader application and the web application, files fail to generate a preview despite uploading to 100% and creating a unique page.

Normally, videos encode to 100% and documents generate a preview to 100%, then become usable on TorshTALENT. Currently, files are not encoding and/or no preview is created. Please see below for indicators of this issue:

Uploaded Video


Duplicated/Merged/Clipped Video


Uploaded Document



The entire team at TorshTALENT is working to repair this error. We understand that not being able to use these files can be frustrating and are doing our best to ensure our platform returns to 100% functionality as soon as possible. Please expect a resolution asap, and email support@torsh.co if you have questions.

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    Torsh Support Team
    The encoding process has been re-started for all the files that were uploaded during the timeframe that the issue was in effect. 
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