What are Networked PLCs and how can I enable them?


Networked PLCs are organization-wide connections for collaborating across TORSH Talent Systems. Each system in TORSH Talent is closed and private, meaning that only people who have been invited to create an account can view, access, and use resources in your Talent system. With a PLC in use, exemplar resources, files, forums, and video calls can be shared across systems.


The settings for Networked PLCs are managed by the Network Admin. To enable the PLC connection between systems, the Network Admin must navigate to their Management Panel and select PLC.


Once PLC is selected, all of your TORSH Talent Systems will be listed. Click the button (see below) to the right of the systems' names to enable those that you want to participate in your Network PLC.

Enabled.png Included in PLC

Excluded.png Excluded from PLC



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