What's the difference between deleting and disabling a user?

Disabling a user prevents the user from logging in to the system, however all of the user's videos and comments are still stored on the platform. At any time, the user can be re-enabled. Deleting a user completely removes the user from the platform and deletes all of the user's videos and comments. Deleting a user frees up a user for the user limit, while disabling a user does not. 

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    Theresa Ellington

    What rights/access do admins have to a disabled user's videos?

    What happens to a deleted user's videos that are in the exemplars?

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    Torsh Support Team

    Hi Theresa!


    In TALENT, the only time an admin will have rights to a disabled user's videos is when the disabled user has shared the video with the admin with the Full Rights permission (before being disabled).

    When a user is deleted, their Exemplar videos stay in the Exemplar Library. In order for a coach/admin to add a video to the library, it must be shared with them with Full Rights. When the coach/admin adds the video to the library, they are essentially creating a duplicate of the video (of which they become the owner).
    *Before an admin or coach is deleted from your TALENT network, it is advised to reach out to your Account Manager, to prevent the loss of Exemplar Library videos.


    Thanks for asking!

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