How much data do I need on my device to record videos using the T Uploader App?

The amount of recording time you have available in the T Uploader app is based on the amount of data storage space available on your device (e.g. your smartphone or tablet). T Uploader will provide an estimate of how much time is left to record (typically 5.5MB of data per minute of video) However, please check your device’s settings to determine the available space left on your device. Depending on your device, you may not be able to use all remaining data for recording with T Uploader. If you are close to full capacity on your device, you may experience crashing.

When recording video through T Uploader, the app will compress the video file- reducing the data capacity needed. When using your device's native camera app, any video recorded may require more space be available on your device than what is stated in T Uploader. 

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