How do groups work?

Torsh TALENT admins can organize their users by groups. These groups are created in the Groups tab of the management panel. Teachers and Coaches can be organized based on their school, subject, age range they teach, or any other category that will make it easier for teachers and coaches to share and collaborate.You can add teachers or coaches to one, multiple or all groups in your system. Users can only communicate with other teachers and coaches in their group or groups (they can however, communicate with all administrators in their network). When you invite teachers or coaches to use TALENT, you add them to a group when you first invite them to TALENT. 

If you already invited your users and want to organize them in groups after the fact, you can do so from the User tab of your management or the Group tab of your management panel. In the User tab, select the users you'd like to place into a group. Then using the 'Bulk Actions' blue button, select the 'Add to Group' option. From here, you can also use the 'Remove from Group' option to remove selected users from groups.

You can also add or remove users from groups from the Group tab of the management panel by using the Modify option to the right most side of any group. From there, select the users you'd like to either add to or remove from a group. 

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