Why won’t my video finish uploading?


Please make sure the video file is in an approved file format: ".flv",".mp4",".mov",".wmv",".avi",".mpeg",".mpg",".mkv",".mpe",".ogg",".FLV",".MP4",".MOV",".WMV",".AVI",".MPEG",".MPG",".MKV",".MPE",".OGG"

If your video is not in the correct file format, you should be able to export it to a one of the compatible formats. Then you can re-save it in the correct format for uploading to TALENT. Next, try to upload the video in an approved browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.
The time it takes for your video's page to refresh is dependent on the speed of your internet network. However, please reach out to us at support@torsh.co if your video does not upload successfully after a prolonged period.

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