How do I choose which account to upload to in T Uploader?

When you have multiple torshTALENT accounts, T Uploader will send your uploads to the first account that was created for your user email address. While this is a configuration that is a part of the current structure of T Uploader, we anticipate that new developments to the app should include the ability to choose your system when you belong to more than one.

For the time being, if you need to get a video from one account into another, download your video from current account and upload it to your other account on a computer. 



Networked PLC's:
If your systems 
are connected in a Networked PLC, you are able to share your video between your accounts using the "Share with My PLC" tab.

On your video, click the 'Share' button. You should see three tabs on the sharing screen: Share, Share with Observers, and Share with My PLC. Click the "Share with My PLC" tab, then type your own name into the field. Choose the 'Full Rights' sharing permission. With Full Rights, you can duplicate the video to your other account, and have a copy that you can share, comment on, and edit.


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