I want to record myself without Screen Share. What button do I use?

To record with your webcam, click the 'Upload' button on your dashboard, then choose the "Record with Webcam" option. If requested, grant the application permission to access your microphone and camera. 

Click the green 'Record with Webcam' button. When your recording starts, you'll see a small overlay that says 'Archiving on'. When you are finished, click the 'Stop Recording' button. Your video will appear in the list of files to upload. Click the 'Upload Files' button.

The recorded capture is only saved to TALENT's database when it's uploaded. If you click outside of the Upload Files window, the recording will still be there when you click the 'Upload' button on your dashboard. However, if you logout of TALENT, and/or quit your browser before choosing to upload it, the capture is discarded. 

Please ensure that you allow third-party cookies from the following domains, so that you are able to record with your webcam:
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