Videos are not able to upload on my phone or on my PC.. Do I need to different type of account?

Thanks for reaching out!
It looks like your TALENT account is currently a view-only, Observer account. With an Observer account, your colleagues using Torsh TALENT can share their videos with you, but you'll only be able to view the videos, the comments, and the associated documents. As an Observer, you are not able to upload any videos or documents to TALENT.

If you need to have a full-user license, it will be helpful to reach out to a system admin from your organization. To change a user from an Observer role to licensed TALENT user, an Admin will need to delete your Observer account from their Management Panel.

Here are the Admin instructions on completing this process:
Filter the Users list by the Observer's email address.
Click the green 'Invite new users' button.
Copy and Paste the email address into the 'Invite new users' field. Then click the pop-out icon next to the Observer's name (it's a box with an arrow through the top right corner). 
On the popup, use the red 'Delete User' action to delete the observer account from the system. 
After the observer account has been deleted, use the green 'Send email invitations' button.

Torsh Support Team
Be sure to check the Support Center for FAQ's, video tutorials, and getting started documents- just click the 'Help' button on your dashboard, or follow this link:

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