How do I send an invite for a user to set up an observer account that won't count against out user limit?

Observers have view-only access to TALENT, so they are invited differently than the other roles. On the Admin Management Panel, these observers are listed with a binoculars icon next to their name. But, since these users don't have full access to your TALENT network, they do not count towards your user license limit.
An Observer account is created when you share one of your TALENT videos or files with someone who isn't already in your network. Sharing a file with an Observer sends an invitation to view the file, its comments, and associated documents. Observers are only able to view the shared file through their private TALENT portal. 

Share with an observer by using the "Share" button on any of your TALENT files. When the Sharing screen appears, click the green "Share with Observers" tab on the right.


Enter the email address of the person you want to view your file. If you receive a message that they already exist in your system, click back to the "Share" tab, and try searching the email address or name.

Lastly, send the invitation by clicking the green "Share & Notify" button.
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