Who can use Insights?

Teachers, Coaches, and Admins will all have an Insights dashboard for tracking and analyzing their professional development activity. The different roles do have different visibility and reporting actions available to them. 

  • People in the Teacher role will only be able to see their own progress over time, and counts of their coaching and observation activities. 
  • People in the Coach role can run reports on all of the Teachers in their Groups. 
  • TorshTALENT Admins can run reports on all of the Teachers, Coaches, and Admins in all of the Groups in the system. 

Admins and Coaches can both use the orange "Export" button to save reports to their computer. The Export button will create and download a .csv file with a table-view breakdown of your data.




We are always working to improve the TALENT platform. You may find that there are reports that you’d like to see that haven’t been implemented yet, or that there is a high demand for reporting for other roles. Please reach out to us to share your feedback on this feature!


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