What is Insights?

TorshTALENT Insights is a reporting suite for presenting, measuring and analyzing your system data. Using Insights, Admins can review system data based on measures of frequency and performance over time. Click the “INSIGHTS” button on your navigation bar to take a look at your dashboard and see an overview of your system data.



Performance reports are based on indicators from goals and rubrics, formal and informal observations, and coaching sessions. Activity reports track the frequency of collaboration within your community, including video sharing, coaching, observations, and completed coaching sessions.

On each reporting screen, you can specify which populations to explore using the reporting filters.


Use the calendar filter to change the reporting period. There are filters to specify the user roles, groups, grade level, and teaching subject; the rubric used, and whether the observation was formal or informal.

After selecting the variables to include, click the green “Run Report” button to apply the filters and populate your report.


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