How do I add a new user account, or send a TALENT invitation?

As a TALENT Admin, you’ll manage the users in your video network. This includes grouping, setting the roles, inviting new users, and disabling or deleting user licenses.


On your homepage, click the "+NEW USERS" button on the Management Panel in the center of your screen, OR click your profile picture and select "Management" from the list.

You’ll be redirected to the Users section of your Management page.
Enter email addresses separated by spaces into the fields provided. There are three separate fields for the different roles in TALENT: one for new Admin users, one for new Coach users, and one for new Teacher users.

Next to the Role, you'll see a field for choosing which groups to add the new users to. New users without a specified group, will be added to the "Default Group". New Admins are automatically added to all groups, and the Admin-only group.

When you have listed all of the email addresses you want to invite, click the green “Send email invitations” button. Users will receive an invitation and then set their own name and password when signing in the first time.

Rather watch a video? Here's a quick tutorial on inviting new users to your video network:


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