Is there a way to embed videos from Talent?

Yes, users in Premium or Advanced systems can get embed codes for videos in Talent. By default users in the Coach and Admin roles have the option to embed videos. In order for users in the Teacher role to be able to embed videos, the System Admin must enable this feature on the System Settings page. 

If the video belongs to you, or has been shared with you with High Permissions, you can grab the embed code to make the video visible anywhere you use the embed code. This means that people outside of the Talent platform will be able to view the video.

To copy a video's embed code, either go to the video specifically, or find the video on your Videos & Files page. Use the gear icon to see the actions list, and choose 'Get Embed Code.' Once the instructions pop up, click the blue 'Get Embed Code' button, then copy the code. You can paste the code anywhere that allows for embedded video.




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